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Can you still travel during the pandemic?

Even though Bermuda was recently ranked as “very low risk for COVID-19” by the CDC, the country is not taking any chances with tourists. Visitors must present negative COVID results, from a test taken within 72 hours of your departure flight. Once you land, you’ll take another COVID test at the airport. You’ll then need […]

Why People Drive Artificial Intelligence Today and Tomorrow

Like it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is already part of our daily lives. From the smartphones in our pockets to the Alexa virtual assistants on our kitchen counters, AI and its applications are accepted norms today. While we appreciate that AI can automate repetitive workplace tasks or even drive a car, the reality is […]

Making sense of the markets this week: November 23

Photo by Worldspectrum from Pexels Each week, Cut the Crap Investing founder Dale Roberts shares financial headlines and offers context for Canadian investors. It’s déjà vu vaccine all over again as we make sense of the markets This week began, like last week, with some very positive (and welcome) news on the vaccine front. As […]

Canada’s Best Visa Credit Cards 2020

For new cardholders there’s a bonus of up to 60,000 points, which is a travel value of up to $300 when redeemed online at In addition to the sign-up incentive, this card gets first pick for its flexibility. Rewards can be applied to any travel expense—not just flights. Annual fee: $120 (rebated for the […]

Maybe Analyst Recommendations Do Add Value

The average analyst does not add value. This is something all investors know for a fact: Following analyst buy or sell recommendations isn’t going to lead to outperformance in the long run. Or is it? A new study may cast some doubt on the conventional wisdom. In “Analyst Recommendations and Anomalies Across the Globe,” Vitor […]

Culture Checklist: One Firm, Eight Boxes, 10 Successful Years

Building and maintaining a healthy culture over the long term is a difficult task that few investment firms manage to pull off. But one North American firm that we’ll call Alpha Investment Management has, and its story is worth telling. The obvious starting point is Alpha’s commercial success. If the Alpha team had built a […]

Financial literacy for seniors | MoneySense

Age has long been associated with wisdom. And while scientific studies offer conflicting results about the correlation between aging and wisdom, we all know people older than us who seem to have all the right answers—as well as some who start to show signs of cognitive impairment as they age.  My mother suffered from a […]

Investing on COVID vaccine news: it isn’t all upside

Photo by Camila Perez on Unsplash It’s been a good couple of weeks for those who have been looking for signs that the COVID-19 crisis is nearing its end. Yes, cases continue to rise in record-breaking numbers every day, and it seems as though governments in Canada and the U.S. are losing control of the […]

Gender Lens Funds: Ups and Downs for Women in the Workforce

The third quarter was an eventful one for gender lens investing as well as women in leadership (WIL) in the financial sector and elsewhere. Gender lens equity funds turned in modest positive returns, a trajectory in line with the broader market. This suite of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which developed in response to […]

Making sense of the markets this week: November 16

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels Each week, Cut the Crap Investing founder Dale Roberts shares financial headlines and offers context for Canadian investors.  The stock markets cheer the vaccine news from Pfizer Pfizer’s vaccine announcement is certainly the big story of the week, just as the U.S. election was the story last week.  On […]

Book Review: The Joys of Compounding

The Joys of Compounding: The Passionate Pursuit of Lifelong Learning. 2020. Gautam Baid, CFA. Columbia Business School Publishing. In The Joys of Compounding: The Passionate Pursuit of Lifelong Learning, Gautam Baid, CFA, a value investor and portfolio manager at Summit Global Investments, offers new opportunities to learn and re-learn critical lessons that will make us […]

Postal Realty’s 3Q Sales More Than Double; BMO Sees 22% Upside

Postal Realty Trust’s third-quarter revenues more than doubled to $6.3 million from $3.01 million in the year-ago quarter and exceeded the Street estimates of $5.02 million. Meanwhile, its 3Q loss of $0.01 per share was slightly smaller than the loss of $0.03 per share expected by analysts and compared to a loss of $0.06 a […]