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How a young family can make the best use of an insurance payout

Even so, you may also want to consider paying down a portion of your mortgage. A lump-sum amount—even a modest $10,000 or $20,000—put toward the mortgage principal can significantly reduce the amount of interest one pays in total on the life of the mortgage. Making a mortgage prepayment provides a huge psychological boost, too. Katie […]

Caterpillar Withdraws 2020 Guidance, Partially Shuts Down Operations

Caterpillar Inc (CAT) said it is withdrawing its 2020 financial guidance and is temporarily shutting down operations at some of its facilities as a result of the coronavirus-induced economic crisis. “The magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the extent of any impact on Caterpillar’s business, financial position, results of operations or liquidity, which could be […]

How will COVID-19 impact the real estate market in Canada?

Photo created by jcomp – To say the events of the past few months have had an unprecedented impact on how our society functions would be an understatement. As the threat of the COVID-19 global pandemic grows across Canada and all levels of government enact policies to stop community spread via social isolation, millions […]

Roger G. Ibbotson: What Works in Asset Allocation

Roger G. Ibbotson is among the best-known scholars and practitioners in the field of asset allocation. I had the privilege of working with him at Ibbotson Associates. I spoke with him on the subject a while back and thought the present was a good time to share some of his insights. What follows is a […]

On Paper Clips and Shareholder Value

Imagine an artificial intelligence (AI) that was built to do one task: Manufacture as many paper clips as possible. In the beginning, the AI uses the existing resources of metal, electricity, and machinery to make as many paper clips as it can. Of course, it learns quickly what works and what doesn’t and soon optimizes […]

Fed Announces Range of Aggressive Tools to Help Economy Hit By Coronavirus Outbreak

The U.S. Federal Reserve on Monday said it will implement aggressive steps to assist households and businesses amid expectations that the economy will face “severe disruptions” as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The tools, which are introduced to maintain credit flow and keep financial markets functioning, include new lending facilities for up to $300 […]

Book Review: How Money Became Dangerous

How Money Became Dangerous: The Inside Story of Our Turbulent Relationship with Modern Finance. 2019. Christopher Varelas and Dan Stone. HarperCollins. Early in How Money Became Dangerous, we read of a bank manager in 1970 urging school children to develop a habit of saving. Toward the end of the book, we meet an aging former […]

“Is my severance package fair?”

Q. I have been offered a severance package that I do not believe is fair. I have worked with this company for 17 years and was given about half of what I think my severance should be. There is a date that specifies when the severance option runs out if I don’t accept it. Can […]

Compare the Best Savings Accounts in Canada 2020

Best Savings Account Finder How to use the savings account calculator You can simply scan the savings account comparison table above to view interest rates offered by financial institutions across Canada. You can also input your estimated account balance and compare the growth between high-interest savings accounts (HISA), Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA), Registered Retirement Savings […]

The Novelty of the Coronavirus: What it Means for Markets

Does market history offer any parallels to today’s novel coronavirus crisis? Market action in recent weeks has been reminiscent of the global financial crisis (GFC) of 2007–2009, the crash of 1987, and, for those with a long memory, the crash of 1929, which wouldn’t have been so disastrous if it had not been followed by […]

PC Financial Mastercard review | MoneySense

Photo created by freepik – The PC Financial Mastercard is the no-fee, entry-level offering from PC Financial, designed to help collectors earn PC Optimum points, which can be redeemed for groceries or other items purchased at PC-affiliated stores, including Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws banner stores. This card pairs flexibility and ease with the […]

Evolving into an Eco-Friendly System: The Real ESG Challenge

Climate change and other environmental challenges moved to the center of global consciousness in 2019. In just one sign of the times, Time Magazine chose the teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg as its Person of the Year. And across the world, people have grown more conscious of their environmental footprints and adapted their consumption habits accordingly, by recycling […]