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Canadian investment pros’ best tips for 2021

So, while it’s impossible to predict what might happen in 2021, we’re still going to give it a try. Over the last few weeks, I asked four Canadian investment professionals for their thoughts on the year ahead. Chris Heakes, vice-president and portfolio manager, Global Structured Investments at BMO Asset Management We are cautiously optimistic for […]

2021 US Wealth Management Outlook: Becoming “Essential” Financial Advisers

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed many people’s financial circumstances — causing everything from job losses to increased health care expenses — and those affected have been turning to the wealth management industry for help during this difficult time. In fact, a survey by The College for Financial Planning found that 71% of advisers report […]

T-Mobile Expands 5G Coverage; Street is Bullish

T-Mobile released preliminary fourth quarter and full-year 2020 results yesterday that highlighted postpaid net additions of 5.5 million customers for the year. This represents the highest increase in postpaid customers in the company’s history. T-Mobile (TMUS) expanded its 5G network leadership and now reaches 280 million people. The company surpassed its aggressive goal to cover […]

How to sell your “office clothes” and invest in a work-from-home wardrobe

So, let’s get started. What clothes could you sell? What should you invest in (aside from more sweats)?  The fashion resale business is booming and that forgotten blazer at the back of your wardrobe can pad your bank account in today’s active reseller market. During the pandemic, eBay Canada’s offerings have grown, with the company […]

Are Cheaper Funds Really Better Bets?

No matter what we’re shopping for, there’s nearly always a positive relation between quality and price. So why, on Wall Street of all places, would the best managers charge less?  Study after study concludes that on average, the lower an active fund’s fees, the higher its net performance. As a result, it’s now common for […]

Best high-interest savings accounts in Canada 2021

Different types of savings accounts A standard HISA is a very safe and secure way to squirrel away some money and earn a small amount of interest in the meantime. For medium or long-term savings, Canadians should consider holding their HISA in one of two types of registered plans that will help mitigate the amount […]

Canada’s best balance transfer credit cards 2021

Important things to know about balance transfer credit cards Balance transfers can be an effective way to consolidate and address debt. But before you jump in, there are seven main variables you need to understand. Shop around for the rate, timing and terms that suit you bestIf you’re considering a balance transfer to eliminate debt, […]

Canada’s best no fee credit cards 2021

Best no fee student card BMO CashBack Mastercard* Canadian students have their own needs, including a way to cover the financial burden of tuition and school expenses, the need to establish a healthy credit history and an unending quest for cash on hand. With no annual fee, a welcome bonus of 5% cash back for […]

Compare the Best GIC Rates in Canada 2021

How to use this tool: You can simply scan the table below to view GIC interest rates offered by financial institutions across Canada. Click on one of the tabs at the top of the table to focus on your choice of non-registered, registered, TFSA-eligible or U.S.-dollar GICs. Or, follow the prompts in the six fields […]

The End of Accounting? Sustaining Financial Reporting

As this rather extraordinary year draws to its very welcome close, it’s time to reflect on the promise financial and other reporting might hold for the near future. But first let’s look at where we are. The explanatory power of the financial information reported to investors for market valuation has plummeted in recent decades. That […]

Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA): A Reappraisal

After the 2020 market plunge and subsequent recovery, now is a good time to revisit the logic of dollar-cost averaging (DCA) in investing.  Benjamin Graham first popularized DCA in his seminal 1949 book The Intelligent Investor. He writes: “Dollar-cost averaging [ . . . ] means simply that the practitioner invests in common stocks the […]

Top 10 Posts from 2020: COVID-19, The Silent Depression, Damodaran

Posted In: Alternative Investments, Best Of, Coronavirus, Drivers of Value, Economics, Equity Investments, Fixed Income, History & Geopolitics, Leadership, Management & Communication Skills, Performance Measurement & Evaluation, Portfolio Management, Standards, Ethics & Regulations (SER) 1. Aswath Damodaran on Valuations amid COVID-19: “Go Back to Basics” Don’t abandon valuation fundamentals during the COVID-19 crisis, says Aswath […]