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Kodak execs didn’t illegally trade stock while touting big move into pharma: report

Eastman Kodak’s pharma ambitions took a hit when insider trading accusations put $765 million in U.S. funding on the skids. But a special committee hired by Kodak’s board has now cleared its top brass of wrongdoing—a decision that could clear its path into drug manufacturing. The board-appointed committee cleared (PDF) Kodak’s executives and shareholders of […]

BioNTech, CureVac bag $745M in German funding for COVID-19 vaccine hopefuls

Two German biotechs, BioNTech and CureVac, have been at the cutting edge of the hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine—a time-consuming and costly process. In order to get both over the finish line, the German government is making a big investment in both candidates’ development. The German government has awarded the mRNA-based vaccine makers a combined […]

Novartis, stressing Beovu safety, matches Eylea in head-to-head diabetic macular edema trial

Novartis is aiming its new eye drug Beovu, a challenger to Regeneron’s Eylea, at another of its rival’s key markets. And amid a raft of safety concerns, it’s being very mindful of which data to share. In a phase 3 head-to-head study, Beovu matched Eylea in terms of the best-corrected vision acuity that patients with diabetic […]

Eli Lilly’s Reyvow, squaring off against AbbVie and Biohaven, posts data showing early and lasting migraine relief

With several new acute migraine treatments vying for market share, Eli Lilly is touting new data on Reyvow showing the med can provide patients “pain freedom” in as little as one hour, plus sustained relief for up to two days. In a phase 3 trial called Centurion, patients who took Lilly’s new drug at the 200mg dose were 4.6 times more likely to experience pain […]

AstraZeneca changes minds at NICE, winning Tagrisso coverage in 2 lung cancer indications

Despite Tagrisso rapidly establishing itself as the new standard of care for EGFR-mutated non-small cell lung cancer, its maker AstraZeneca has had a hard time convincing England’s drug cost watchdog of its worth. As of Friday, though, it’s made some progress in that department, convincing the The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to […]

Roche’s Ocrevus touts 2-year switching data in jam-packed—and growing—multiple sclerosis market

Roche’s Ocrevus has seen astronomical growth to the top of the sales leaderboard in an increasingly busy multiple sclerosis market. With its biggest competitors flailing, Roche is looking to cement Ocrevus’ lead, and new two-year switching data should help the cause. After two years of treatment on Ocrevus after switching from a prior therapy, 75% of […]

Roche’s new approval Enspryng cuts relapse risk in NMOSD—and provides extended benefits

Squaring off against Alexion and AstraZeneca spinoff Viela Bio with a new treatment in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMSOD), Roche is touting new data analyses for its Enspryng that show a dramatic reduction in the risk of severe relapses, plus benefits of extended treatment.  In an analysis of two previously published Phase 3 studies comprising 178 NMOSD patients, those who received Enspryng saw a 79% lower risk […]

AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine production partner Emergent not likely to suffer if trial hold sticks: analysts

AstraZeneca was humming right along with its partnered COVID-19 vaccine with the University of Oxford before a sudden trial hold threw its plans into disarray. So what does that uncertainty mean for AstraZeneca’s expectant manufacturing partners on the shot? For at least one, it could be no issue at all.  Despite a major commitment from […]

Mylan boosts Euro portfolio with $756M rights deal for Aspen’s injectable thrombosis meds

Mylan’s planned megamerger with Pfizer’s Upjohn generics unit has had a rocky road to approval, with the novel coronavirus pandemic snagging regulatory review. Despite the delay, Mylan isn’t twiddling its thumbs: The generics giant is now bolting on a major addition to its EU portfolio as it awaits its merger deadline. Mylan will shell out […]

Akebia crashes on vadadustat flop in larger anemia indication. Will AZ, FibroGen own the market?

What was previously expected to be a three-way battle in the novel HIF-PHI renal anemia drug class now has one man down. Akebia Therapeutics has posted a surprise trial flop, which one analyst said could hand the rival FibroGen-AstraZeneca team an early monopoly of the market. On Thursday, Akebia said its Otsuka-partnered vadadustat was linked to […]

A COVID-19 vaccine in early November? ‘Extremely unlikely, but not impossible’: Warp Speed head Slaoui

With COVID-19 vaccine hype intensifying each day—including this week, with new comments from Pfizer’s CEO—the head of the U.S. government’s research program said it’s “extremely unlikely” a vaccine will be available in early November. Moncef Slaoui, the Operation Warp Speed head, told NPR it remains “extremely unlikely, but not impossible” a vaccine will be ready by early November. Operation […]

With new AveXis name, Novartis spotlights marquee role for gene therapy business

Call it a two for one: By changing the name of its AveXis unit to Novartis Gene Therapies, the Swiss drugmaker highlights the importance of gene therapies to its future hopes while nixing a moniker linked to last year’s Zolgensma data scandal. Eventually cleared of wrongdoing by the FDA, AveXis’ data missteps drew an unwelcome spotlight […]