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ADA: Lilly’s Trulicity tops Ozempic at keeping patients compliant, real-world data show

Eli Lilly is fighting hard to protect Trulicity’s share against Novo Nordisk’s newest offerings in the GLP-1 class, and it’s breaking out real-world data to support its case. A new real-world analysis, presented Saturday at the American Diabetes Association’s virtual annual meeting, showed that at the six-month mark, patients were doing a better job sticking […]

ADA: Sanofi bolsters Soliqua with real-world data showing starting insulin, GLP-1 together helps control blood sugar

Sanofi’s Soliqua combines an insulin with a GLP-1 agonist, and according to a new real-world study, delivering those two therapies simultaneously is the way to go. Starting an insulin and a GLP-1 drug around the same time—ideally within 30 days or less of one another—gave certain Type 2 diabetes patients a significantly better shot at […]

AstraZeneca, Emergent BioSolutions sign $87M deal to produce U.S. supply of COVID-19 vaccine

AstraZeneca made waves last week when it signed a massive $750 million deal to ramp production of a University of Oxford COVID-19 vaccine up to 2 billion doses per year. Now, as part of a Trump administration effort to get shots into U.S. hands as soon as possible, AstraZeneca has agreed to another major manufacturing […]

BIO: ‘Boom and bust’ pandemic response isn’t working, Sanofi exec says. It’s time to get ready for future outbreaks

With much of the world caught up in responding to COVID-19, experts and lawmakers are again underscoring the need to prepare for the next pandemic, as distant a concern as it may seem.  Historically, the biopharma industry and public health groups have gone through “boom and bust” funding cycles in response to pandemics, “where we throw resources and money […]

States file 3rd generics price-fixing suit, alleging ‘multibillion-dollar fraud’ by 26 companies, 10 execs

Years after states filed an initial price-fixing lawsuit against generics companies—led by the office of the Connecticut attorney general—they’re not letting up. In fact, they’re adding to their list of allegations, and the number of defendants continues to grow. In a new 606-page lawsuit (PDF), 51 states and territories claim 26 generics companies and 10 […]

Fujifilm plots $928M infusion at Danish biologics plant to double production capacity

Fujifilm made a massive investment in a former Biogen biologics facility in Denmark last year to help realize its global CDMO expansion plans. With that nearly $1 billion check behind it, Fujifilm is shelling out an almost equally gigantic infusion to double capacity at the Danish plant.  Fujifilm will dole out a whopping $928 million at a former […]

Abbvie’s Rinvoq matches BMS’ Orencia in head-to-head rheumatoid arthritis trial

With megablockbuster Humira on the decline, AbbVie is hoping for big things from its next-gen JAK inhibitor Rinvoq. Now, in a head-to-head rheumatoid arthritis battle with Bristol Myers Squibb’s blockbuster Orencia, Rinvoq has come out on top. Rinvoq matched Bristol’s Orencia in easing rheumatoid arthritis patients’ symptoms at the 12-week mark and bested its older rival in patient remission rates, according to […]

Left out of Warp Speed, Novavax scores $60M defense contract for COVID-19 shot

Novavax wasn’t included in the U.S. government’s group of COVID-19 vaccine finalists for Operation Warp Speed, but only days after news of those picks broke, the company has picked up a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense.  The DoD awarded Novavax $60 million to help produce components of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate, dubbed NVX‑CoV2373, in the U.S. Under the contract, Novavax […]

After Operation Warp Speed picks 5 finalists, experts question why some vaccines were left out

All eyes are on a handful of drug companies after news that the U.S. is prioritizing five COVID-19 vaccine programs. But since the selections went public, experts have been raising questions about the process and the drugmakers that were left off. Earlier this week, The New York Times reported that AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Merck, Johnson & Johnson and […]

Inovio accuses manufacturing partner of hampering COVID-19 vaccine scale-up in lawsuit

Vaccine maker Inovio has had a rough week after the U.S. government left the biotech off its list of candidates most likely to produce a viable COVID-19 shot within the year. Now, the company has taken its frustration out on a longtime manufacturing partner it accused of withholding technical knowledge and killing a scaled-up shot rollout. Inovio […]

AstraZeneca unveils massive $750M deal in effort to produce billions of COVID-19 shots

British drugmaker AstraZeneca has made clear its intent to rapidly scale production of Oxford University’s COVID-19 vaccine hopeful despite a dearth of clinical data to support its use. Now, with an eye-popping deal worth three-quarters of a billion dollars, AstraZeneca is putting its money where its mouth is.  The British pharma has inked a $750 […]

Pfizer, Merck, AZ, J&J and Moderna selected as ‘Warp Speed’ finalists: NYT

The Trump administration has selected its COVID-19 vaccine finalists for Operation Warp Speed, which aims to deliver safe and effective coronavirus vaccines to Americans by the end of the year, The New York Times reports. The finalists—from AstraZeneca, Merck, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna—have a clear Big Pharma slant, with biotechs like Inovio and […]